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Sundays 10:15 am


Passionate Worship

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Holy Character

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Christian Community

Faithful Generosity

1. The Bible is inspired by God and gives instructions for coming to Him.
2. God exists in three persons who are one: The Father, The Son, and the Spirit.
3. God created the universe, and everything in it.
4. Jesus is God in the flesh who died for our sins and came back from the dead.
5. People have disobeyed  God and can do nothing to save themselves.
6. A person is saved, forgiven, and born into God’s family by God’s grace when they trust in Jesus’ resurrection.
For more details, see the Baptist Faith & Message 2000
Sundays 10:15 am 

Kathy Baird, Office Manager
Kathy is a native of Owensboro, KY. She has attended Lewis Lane her entire life and has served on Staff over 40 years. She oversees the office and most of the logistics that enable the church to minister effectively to the city and county.
She is married to Wayne, has two children, and 2 grandchildren. She enjoys leading our AWANA ministry, serving in our sports ministries, and preparing meals for the homeless.
Paula Jacondino, Receptionist
Paula is a long-time resident of Owensboro, having settled here after her husband’s military service. She has served in several churches and the DMBA as a secretary. If you call the church, she’s the one who will answer!
Paula enjoys walking and singing. 
Christy Wedding, Facilities Manager
Christy is a native of Owensboro, KY. She makes sure the building and facilities are ready for the people and programming that takes place each week.
She enjoys music and spending time with family.
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